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A new major release is out !
The main new feature is BIP support.

New Features:
- BIP Support.
- Multipanel Course selection: fixed CRS1 / CRS2 (for use with multiple panels) or selectable through Radiopanel.

- SpecialModes now are bound to a "Profile" instead of a "Multipanel".
===>>> CHECK YOUR CONFIG <<<===
- Engine selection using Radiopanel selector extended to: magnetos selector, ALT, FUEL PUMP, DE-ICE and COWL.
- Added new ADF Active/Standby modes. Especially suitable for the NGX.
- Switchpanel support for NGX:  added Gear and Lights support.
- Multipanel support for NGX: added "A/P P/RST", "A/T P/RST" and "FMC P/RST" buttons.
- User interface position check (no more invisible user interface when a screen is removed/repositioned).
- Improved Radiopanel knob smoothness.
- Huge USB performance improvement (much better responsiveness using many panels especially on slow 1.1 USB ports).
- SPAD now quits correctly during Windows shutdown.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed Radiopanel barometric regulation when NGX Special Mode is active.
- Fixed a problem switching between profiles with and without SpecialMode.
- Fixed COWL switch orientation (previously inverted).
- Fixed a bug in engine selection. Now ony Radiopanel1 change the engine.
- Fixed a bug preventing rotary knob acceleration to work on lower Radiopanel knob.
- Fixed COM2 standby frequency rounding bug