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Only a minor release, but with a new feature: now you can import profile data from other profiles, especially useful to replicate BIP setups through different profiles. Some new BIP tiles added as well.

New Features:
- Profile import. Added ability to import setups from other profiles.

- Added "A/P P/RST", "A/T P/RST" and "FMC P/RST" tiles (these tiles are PMDG NGX Specific).
- New fancy higher resolution icon. :-)
- Moved BIP Setup color preview from main form to setup form.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed NGX support for "FUEL LOW" BIP tile.
- Fixed the Virtual Button 7-15-23-31 bug. (OMG this was a very old one !).
- Fixed a Virtual Button bug in Switchpanel routines (..... another old one).