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After a while here we go with another step toward v1.0

v0.4 is an intermediate release with some new features and bug fixes.

The main new features are the Special Mode for the LeonardoSH Maddog 2008 and support for Short and Long clicks.


New features:
- Special Modes, a new way to manage the MultiPanel. Basically Spad controls Special Modes through specific aircraft SDK instead of FSUIPC.
  Actually available only for the Leonardo Maddog, next release will include the LevelD 767. Other aircraft may be included if an SDK is available.
  ===>>>> PLEASE, read the manual for details about Special Modes <<<<<=========
- Added Long and short Click support for the Radio and Multi Panel. Click threshold is customizable in General Options window.
- Added support for ADF1 / ADF2
- Added engine selection for Switch Panel starter selector

- windows are no more centered on the screen, instead last position is stored in spad.ini (should fix a problem with extremely high resolution display)
- Added a check to avoid loading of multiple instances.
- Changed ACT/STBY button behaviour in XPDR mode
===>>>> PLEASE, read the manual for details <<<<<=======
- Altimeter regulation is now by 1 mBar step in mBar mode
- Improved manual

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a frequency rounding bug on radio panels
- Fixed a bug in ADF mode not using acceleration for outer knob
- Fixed crash double-clicking tray icon when a modal window is open
- Fixed many minor user interface visualization bugs