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New minor release

- added an option to set DME Time or DME Speed in Radio Panel DME Mode.
  Basically you can choose to show "Speed" or "Time to Station" in Radio Panel DME mode.

- fixed a bug in automatic affinity setup. Now on 4 or more cores cpu affinity is set correctly.
  This is the default affinity policy:
   - On single core cpu there's no choice
   - On dual-core or tri-core cpu Spad runs only on the last core (because the first is the most used by FS)
   - On quad or more core cpu Spad runs on any core exept the first and the second.

- fixed a bug crashing spad on selector change when multiple Radio Panels are connected
- fixed a visualization bug when multiple panels of the same type are connected
   These bugs were discovered thanks to the panels that Saitek has given me.
   Thank you Saitek !!