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Flight1 G1000 Panel Interface

Flight1 G1000 Panel Interface (like the ngx and maddog interface wich works)

I use 2 sceens wich run flight 1 g1000 student software PFD and MFD
When i use the autopilot panel saitek it is not everything that works well
for examble when pushing "alt" nothing happens and the "v/s" also do not work and the alt bug not working eather plus some more things
if you would like an further explanation on how the g1000 simu software works i can help answer a few questions

one examble is when i want to ascent i turn the "alt-bug" on the g1000 and then push "V/S" and then push the V/S bottuns up/down to decide Ascent speed when it reches the assigned altitude it goes automtic over in ALT auto

and If i Push "ALT" The G1000 Will Maintain the current Altitude

and these scenarioes i can not perform with the saitek panel, and i dont know why

so therefore it could be nice if there could be an G1000 Interface like the ngx and maddog solution you have

Could this maybe be a Request in the future...

flight 1 G1000

From Henrik Philippsen
Nuuk, greenland